Our Beef is natural, hormone free, grass fed and grass finished. We raise British breeds that are family freezer sized not feedlot monsters. These cows have never been bred to finish on grains. Our cows finish on grass like cows are supposed to.

Our beef is USDA inspected and vacuum sealed for freshness and ease of defrosting. For your convenience, our prices are based on hanging weight and include processing, packaging and split fees often encountered with other bulk beef sales.


Here are the details

Our average whole pure bred steers have a hanging weight of 400 lbs this equates to roughly 300 packaged lbs. Our cross bred steers average 500 hanging weight and 325lbs. of packaged beef. 2016 hanging weight ranged from 368 to 586lbs. Finishing on grass is not an exact science, and this variability is due to genetics and also varies year to year based on weather patterns. We can often match carcass size to the size desired by our customers.
Customers who pre-order a whole or half beef can have their order cut to their specifications.  
Whole beef customers have the option to keep the organ meat and dog bones from their steer or heifer at no additional cost. Organ meat will also be available to other customers at an additional fee as supplies are available.
1 cubic foot of freezer space holds approximately 30lbs of packaged meat. We recommend placing a deposit to insure you get your beef as our supplies are limited. Deposits for whole are $400 and half are $200 and not refundable. A deposit for a quarter is $1000 and also not refundable.
We harvest steers off our best grass in late summer, our beef is typically ready in early September. We will have a drop location for customers to pick up their boxed beef. If you are not able to pick up your beef,  delivery in the Pikes Peak region can be arranged for an additional fee.

                         We are currently sold out of bulk beef for 2016 reserve your 2017 beef now for September delivery.

         2017 Beef Prices

    Whole Beef.........$5.00lb hanging weight

    Half Beef..............$5.15lb hanging weight

     Split Quarter.........$5.25b hanging weight

           please contact us using any of the options on the contact us page and we can send you a paypal invoice or you can send us a check.