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We’re a small, family-owned and operated ranch located on the western slope of Pike’s Peak. Our ranch has grown steadily in the past few years, and much of the land we have purchased has been turned into a conservation easement, meaning most of the land our cows graze can never be developed or subdivided for other purposes. 

 Where we live is as important to us as what we eat. Our beef is different than what you’ll find at a local supermarket. Our beef is naturally finished only on pasture. Our cattle are finished on mountain grass pasture alone. Our cows are never confined in a feed lot, and never fed grain, and therefore there’s no need to use antibiotics or hormones to get them ready to sell. We also manage their grazing patterns so their food supply is sustainable year after year. 

 We breed smaller easy fattening cattle that do not fit the “Super-size” standards of the commercial cattle industry. Since these breeds have never been bred to meet the feedlot standards, they also are still able to fatten without hormones on grass. When it’s time for you to try our beef, it comes to you in family freezer-friendly portions so you can enjoy the perfect-sized serving every time.

 Finally, our cows live a family life. Our calves come in the late spring and summer, born on grass in sync with nature. Fattening up on grass in their second summer of grazing.  Our cows live a stress-free life, which enhances the flavor and texture of the meat. Our cows will never see a cattle prod or a feed lot. Instead, they’ll enjoy the lush grass, clean water and natural beauty of life in the Shadow of Pikes Peak.

 By purchasing beef from us you are not just getting great beef, you are voting with your checkbook to support local small scale agriculture, Open Space and humane treatment for animals.



Feel Free to Call us with questions or comments at (719) 648-6616 or email us at, info@thegreenbeef.com.


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